Keep up to date whenever your roster changes.

Tired of manually checking your roster on every standby? We'll do it for you, automatically, and notify you when we find a change.

How does it work

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After clicking join you'll be brought to a secure payment page. Service is applicable to easyJet crew only.
* Price is valid for the first year only. Thereafter a discounted price is still available, see FAQ.

So how does it work?

  • We frequently check your roster, every 30, 60 or 120 minutes
  • We do not accept the changes we find
  • We check your roster 24/7, there's nothing you need to do
  • You'll receive your roster as an attachment with every change
  • You can choose between Messenger, Telegram or SMS to receive changes
  • No app is required

We check your roster for changes,
but there is more:


As soon as we detect a change, you'll receive an email and a message via Messenger, Telegram or SMS.

Short Notice Changes

Get informed about Short Notice Changes. We keep track of them so you can easily claim them.

View roster

An easy way to view your, or your colleague's roster. You can also see a history of previous duties.

Get rewarded

Forward other friends to use the site as well and as a reward we'll extend your subscription.


Automatically synchronize your roster with your online calendar.

Open Flights

See an overview of open flights in AIMS*, and (optionally) get notified when we find new ones.

Swap Flights

An overview of flights others in your base would like to trade*.


Our Messenger and Telegram bots are interactive. Want to know your roster for today? Simply open the bot and type "today".

* We're working on a one-click-trip-trade feature.

Read what other crew are saying about our service.

Explore the portal

In the portal you can manage your account and subscription. It also gives you access to additional features.

View Roster

You can see your own roster, and also the rosters of other users (unless they have choosen not to). For a given day you can see a history of previous duties, and also an expanded view of duties.

Swap Roster

Makes it easier to trade duties with others. See which duties are available to be swapped, and also see what your duties are on they day.
Once implemented, with one click you'll be able to submit a trip trade in AIMS.

Short Notice Changes

Whenever a change is found that qualifies as a SNC, you'll be notified about that. In the portal you can see your roster before, and after the change, and also the reason why it qualifies as a short notice change - making it easy to submit a claim.

Frequently asked questions

Find an overview of the most asked questions - if your question is still not answered, please contact us.

We support easyJet and easyJet Switzerland. Should there be enough interest, the service can be expended to other airliners using AIMS.

We offer an annual subscription for €6,99 for the first year. Thereafter an additional premium of €3 has to be paid for the (optional) SMS text service. If you connect your account to either Messenger or Telegram, this premium is not applicable.

The SMS policy is such that you'll receive a SMS text message whenever we find a change which is within the next 48 hours, and when that change involves a duty. If not, we'll only notify you by email.

You can be notified about all changes if you connect your account with either Messenger or Telegram.

No, we do not. Whenever we find a change we will notify you about it, and in the notification we'll include whether or not the change is still to be accepted by you. Whether or not you accept the change is up to you, but we do not accept changes for you.

If you can not find your question in the FAQ, please use the contact form below.

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